Loosen the stronghold that depression has in your life with Valdoxan

feeling depressed (1)To defeat is a difficult task though it is of great importance. To defeat depression and to kick it out from one’s life one must be aware of this medical condition as to how it happens, what are the causes, what lifestyle changes can help, what treatment options you have and what the success rate of those treatment options is. Depression as it is believed by many comes from some disdain and disregard we had in the past, primarily this feeling of gloom is centred there and in the apprehension as well of what future might hold for us. As per many prominent therapists one of the most powerful tools in battling depression is to focus on today that is the present moment.

Once you start to focus on the present moment it is a sort of calmness and you get more responsive rather than more reactive which can be taken as a reason for mental health illnesses. Though it is important to address here that Depression is a very complex issue and is said to have genetic linkages as well to say that it is primarily due to though the process is not true in many cases it does happen by over-reliance on the past or future. Meditation is one technique that can help you with being in the moment and this ancient practice is now recognised worldwide.  Though being ion the moment is a difficult task for even the people who have normal brain activity so for someone suffering from Depression it might get very difficult but it can certainly be achieved to an extent that it helps you kick Depression out of your life. Overthinking is bound to do harm and suck the joy out from the present moment since in your thoughts you are very much in another timeline.

Meditation when it is practices well, it helps us keep the negative thoughts from getting the better of us, it assists us in being a witness to the negative thoughts rather than simply getting affected too much by them. Also cognitive behavioural therapy is also gaining popularity in handling depression. There are other techniques through which you can manage this condition and there are drugs available as well. One such drug that we will talk about here is Antidepressant Valdoxan 25mg Tablets.

Valdoxan is used highly used and admired therapy by people who are suffering from Depression and major depressive disorder. This drug is chosen by many as the first line of defense option for the competent management of moderate to the severe intensity of depression. Valdoxan helps in diminishing sad thoughts and uplifts the mood of the individual in several ways. It has Agomelatine as its active pharma component.

Agomelatine is an anti-depressant drug which acts by acting as an agonist of melatonin and antagonist of serotonin receptors situated in the brain. Agomelatine has a positive effect by encouraging a phase of sleep, and by declining the body temperature and by initiating the melatonin onset.

Valdoxan can be accessed commercially in 25 mg dosing strength as an oral formulation which is meant to be taken with water. The most proposed dosing schedule for the management of Depression is one Valdoxan 25mg ingested orally once a day if possible at bedtime with water. The dose can be up-titrated to 50mg taken each day which would be two tablets as a single dose at bedtime. 

Some adversarial effects that this drug has on the users are dizziness, diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, back pain, fatigue, trouble with sleeping, and migraine.

Precautionary measures to be exercised: 

  • Evade the ingestion of alcohol as it is not reasonable since it does not go along with this therapy as it can aggravate the side effects.
  • You should tell your doctor about the drugs you are taking along with this drug as there may be interactions.

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